Updated: 06FEB24

  1. NavyMessGear.com reserves the right to cancel, disable, delete user and/or vendor accounts at it’s discretion.
    • All Vendors on NavyMessGear.com also reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity for ANY reason at their discretion.
  2. All Vendors must respect other Vendors products. Direct Duplication or “theft” of products cannot and will not be tolerated. Similar products are of course permitted. Any disputes among vendors must contact vendorinfo@navymessgear.com for any issues.
  3. All Vendors are manually approved by NavyMessGear.com Admin(s). Please allow 72 hours for review.
  4. All products sold cannot display politically charged material. However, this does not pertain to requested custom items. “Politically Charged” includes but not exclusive to: flags, statements, mottos, etc. NavyMessGear.com reserves the right to request removal of any product deemed in violation.
    • Historical Flags of the United States of America, other countries flags, State Flags, or Service Flags are NOT included as politically charged and are allowed. Flags such as the DTOM, USA Jack, Navy Jack, Join or Die, and other historical banners of the United States of America are also permitted.
    • Items and Products depicting current and former Presidents and members of Congress are permitted. (Yes, I don’t like them either, but these depictions must be neutral in manner.) See image below for example. You may display “INSERT TEXT”, but not F*** “President”
      We have active commands and active duty sellers. I am not willing to risk them to any mob despite my beliefs or yours. If there are any issues or questions contact vendorinfo@navymessgear.com.
    • Depictions of any symbol of hate (i.e. Nazi Germany Swastika, Hammer & Sickle, Antifa Fist, etc. or any group associated with the superiority of any race above another are not permitted. This is to include makers of re-enactment costume parts.
  5. Mess is to mean any Club, Committee, Association, or any other applicable term that is related to an Active Duty Unit, Rank, or Service. For Messes: All products must be on hand and ready to ship. Pres-Sales at this time are not permitted.
    • Afloat or Deployed Commands/Units: Must ship products as soon as mission allows. Email contact must be made with purchaser(s) to inform of earliest estimation of shipping. Be mindful of the term “Loose lips sink ships.”
    • Ashore Commands/Units should commit to at minimum of a weekly shipping day and must make that date clear.
  6. All other Vendors that are not stated in #5 above, must ship items on hand (in stock) within 72 hours. Custom items and/or items that require fabrication must be shipped within a timeframe agreed upon with purchaser. (i.e. You may put a warning on the product such as “Please allow 2-3 weeks for construction.” or “Please allow 5-7 Days for order fulfillment.” etc.)
  7. All Vendors are operating under “Good Faith” that they have obtained all proper usage rights from their rightful trademark and/or copyright holders. Navy Mess Gear is not liable for any damages Vendors incur from trademark and/or copyright holders.
  8. These Vendor Terms are subject to change at anytime when required. Completed Vendor Registration and your continued use of NavyMessGear.com will be viewed as your acceptance of these terms.


Navy Mess Gear commission fee is 4% per transaction. No monthly charges, no annuals, nothing. However, Woopayments/Stripe has a 2.9% + 30¢ addon fee.

These are examples of transactions.